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Sell fried onions for restaurants, shops and direct to consumers.

We want to diversify Czech cuisine, meal preparation easier and spoil your tongues.

Wrecking your taste buds when you eat food.

Many of you will surely begin to make your mouth water on the tongue, if you only think of some goodness with fried onions. We have prepared a new and fast recipes with fried onions from Dares for gourmet cooks and housewives.

This saves you time, work, tears, energy, oil, container and add flavor and uniqueness.

Among the most popular dishes include onion mashed potatoes, fried onions sprinkled on top, or admixture that crunched when whisking to smooth puree.

Equally, you can enjoy karbanátcích or chopped, fried onions which added to raw meat adds just the right flavor.

In gastronomy with fried onions can decorate appetizers, snacks, salad bowls or give it to the Annex.

A flavored noodle soup, onion, or cabbage soup is goulash with fried onions from the DARES joy to cook.

Who likes baking, you can bake a savory onion bread, adding the onions in the flour and then přikusovat to posypaným stew with fried onions.

Liven up your holiday if you do not have an all inclusive plan and light cooking or want to enjoy a campfire sausages dipped in mustard with fried onions.

The Italian style fits both on pizza, so the dough, to credit spreads or salads.

The Asian style is added to fried rice or fried noodles and various sauces.

For fast food is excellent in hot dogs, hamburgers and kebabs.

Have iron ration onions, which is always perfect, every cook will appreciate.

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